Carpet Cleaning Services - Johannesburg

Carpet Cleaning Services

JD's Cleaning & Hygiene Services offers the best carpet cleaning services in Johannesburg. We are confident about our level of service because we have been trusted by many when it comes to carpet cleaning in their homes and business'. We take care in each job that we do and take care to bring the best out of your carpets. Each carpet undergoes a special process to ensure that only the cleanest carpet result is achieved. Our carpet cleaning service methods have been tried and tested for over 7 years, combining the right combination of stain removal agents and carpet shampoo agents we have helped numerous carpets in Johannesburg regain their former softness and new carpet look.

Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg

When it comes to carpet cleaning services in Johannesburg, JD's Cleaning is rated as one of the best carpet cleaning services Johannesburg has to offer. Since 2014 JD's Cleaning has been providing 5 star rated cleaning services for homes and businesses in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Leave granny's dusty old steam cleaner and forget about searching for "carpet cleaners near me" , JD's cleaning offers trusted and guaranteed carpet cleaning services in Johannesburg.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

To ensure only the best result for you residential or commercial carpets, we make use of high power , industrial carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals in order to guarantee the best result for you home or business' carpets. By incorporating an industrial carpet cleaning rotator, we are able to agitate stubborn dirt loose and invigorate the carpet fibers back to a healthy and fuller state. Our industrial carpet extractor is powered by 3 motors to extract the excess dirty water and apply an additional high powered shampoo spray to lift any excess dirt left behind. Leaving your carpets feeling softer, looking cleaner and smelling fresher.

Should I Hire a Carpet Cleaning Machine ?

Some may consider it more beneficial to hire carpet cleaning equipment themselves, but with the cost of having to hire 2 to 3 massive machines and still figuring out how to transport them is enough to put even experienced carpet cleaning veterans like ourselves off. You may be thinking that there are smaller, more convenient alternatives to carpet cleaning machine hire, but the truth is, smaller equipment that lacks the extra motors and the rotating power that comes with industrial carpet cleaning equipment is just not going to cut the grade for some carpets that have not seen a good cleaning in years. So, don't break a sweat and don't break the bank, let the carpet cleaning pros at JD's Cleaning accommodate you with your carpet cleaning requirements.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

We offer competitive rates for our professional carpet cleaning services. With prices starting from as low as R300 it is no secret that almost anybody can afford to have their carpets professionally cleaned with the carpet cleaning pro's at JD's Cleaning.

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