Carpet Cleaning

Is it better to hire a professional cleaning service in Johannesburg?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are few options you could look at to fulfill this much needed service for your home or business’ carpets and rugs. Each of these options to clean your carpets differs in result, this is always best to keep in mind when cleaning your carpets. Learn more about this topic here.

Carpet cleaning services johannesburg

1. How much is Carpet Cleaning in South Africa?

While prices may vary from supplier to supplier for carpet cleaning services. It is best to keep in mind that a few factors come to play when professional carpet cleaning services quote you for carpet cleaning services. The type and thickness of a carpet, the soiled and stained areas, is it a hand woven rug or machine made carpet? While general carpet cleaning services could start from as little as R300 per a room, larger areas like office buildings could look at starting rates R15 per a square meter for carpet cleaning services according to procompare.

Carpet cleaning services Johannesburg

2. Is carpet cleaning worth the money?

With the daily cleaning chores that take up most of your time, it is easy to forget that carpet cleaning is an essential chore that should also be considered when cleaning. But tasking yourself with a proper carpet cleaning chore requires a lot of effort and can be a time consuming task. The clearest solution for this is through the services provided by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Is professional carpet cleaning really worth it? Yes, contracting the services of a professional carpet cleaning service has many benefits like:

  • Professional carpet cleaners provide a more thorough and deeper clean is achieved.
  • Regular carpet cleaning can help you carpets last longer, reducing the need to replace them.
  • Professional carpet cleaners use specially formulated carpet cleaning agents to help your carpets look and smell better.

The truth is, that if you do not undertake carpet cleaning services on a regular basis, you put your carpets at risk of being damaged. You can read more about the benefits of regular carpet cleaning here.

Carpet cleaning

3. How do professionals clean carpets?

Professional carpet cleaners have many advantages over D.I.Y methods when you consider carpet cleaning services. Industrial equipment, knowledge and expertise in this field are advantageous when the time for carpet cleaning arises.

  • Carpet cleaning professionals have experience in handling situations like water damage, stubborn stains, and certain fabrics that need delicate care.
  • Professional carpet cleaners also have speciality tools and equipment that you might not be able to hire at the local hardware store. This includes high volume extractors for performing hot water extraction in the event of a burst geyser or just general carpet cleaning services.

It’s always best to know what the professional carpet cleaning difference is.

JD’s Cleaning boasts over seven years of professional carpet cleaning experience. With the right equipment and experienced carpet cleaning technicians, JD’s cleaning is fully equipped to under take any professional carpet cleaning project. Contact us today to book your service.